Ostlers – Cloudy Apple Cider Vinegar

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Ostlers – Cloudy Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother 500gm bottle

  • Ear/coat cleaner for dogs with allergies when mixed 50:50 with water
  • Homemade flea/tick repellant recipes use ACV
  • Prevention of urinary/kidney infections and bladder stones when mixed with food/put in drinking water
  • Antibacterial/anti fungal/antiseptic properties – yet still good for gut health
  • Natural cleaning product for around the home
  • When used in a batch of bone broth it helps draw the minerals out of the bones
  • 500gm

Ostlers is a family run Orchard and Cider Mill, set in the lush North Devon countryside, where we have been making our award winning cider vinegar since 1989. Our Cider Vinegar is made from freshly crushed apples which have been allowed to mature. It contains ‘The Mother’ which is the cloudy substance. Our Apply Cider Vinegar has not been pasteurised or filtered.

A superior vinegar on its own, as it has a rich, smooth apple flavour, it can be used for all your cooking, pickling, dressings, vinaigrettes and sauces. It could also be used as a natural cleaner and disinfectant

Winning Taste of the West’s Best of Sauces and Accompaniments, Ostlers Cloudy Apple Cider Vinegar astounded judges and they said “The vinegar has an amazing colour to it and a fabulous aroma of apples. It has a clean taste and was almost drinkable on its own.” Winning Great Taste judges said Ostlers Cloudy Apple Cider Vinegar had a great colour and good twang upfront and a long lasting apple finish.”


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